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SMASH BROS RECORDS is the North West’s newest and freshest record label, aiming to get Blackpool musicians well established on the world wide commercial music scene.

Launching in the coming weeks, the label is a first for Blackpool - and the aim is to get the Town back on the map for excellent music, pushing local, up and coming talent out to the world wide audience with major releases on digital music platforms such as Itunes, Amazon music, Spotify, Deezer and many more as well as organising live performance, gigs and festivals for maximum coverage.

Smash Bros Records state they will ensure each artist on their roster discovers their true maximum potential.

James Bates / co founder of Smash Bros Records said:

‘’This label is the start of something truly special for Blackpool. We want to help young, upcoming fresh talent push themselves for better and get the word out there that Blackpool has phenomenal talent waiting to be discovered.’’

Ryan Wallace / co founder of Smash Bros Records also said:

‘’I am very excited for the future of this project, both myself and James have extensive knowledge of the commercial music scene - being established artists of many years ourselves. We have passion, drive and ambition and will give this our all not just for us, the artists, but also for Blackpool as a Town, because this project is something that Blackpool has needed for a very long time.’’

Smash Bros Records - will be holding UNSIGNED nights in the coming weeks where A & R scouts from the label will be present - giving local talent the opportunity to perform with the possibility of a recording contract with Smash Bros on the table.


Contact person: James Bates / Ryan Wallace


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carlita mackay
carlita mackay
21 feb 2023

this is such an amazing opportunity!! I've sent an email to your team, please take a look (not on this email on another email) 🤙🏻

Me gusta

11 feb 2023

Best wishes for a successful future!!! ❤️

Me gusta

June Trevisan
June Trevisan
09 feb 2023

I wish you both all the best with your new venture! Love and War is such a fantastic first release, love it guys!!! 🤩

Me gusta
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